Natural 54 Turf

Natural 54

Natural 54 is the low-cost, high-quality turf style in our popular Natural Series®. The turf is incredibly realistic looking in comparison to other 50-58 oz. landscape products. It is designed to be slightly shorter, giving it a dense yet soft feel without the expense of turfs using more yarn. Natural 54 can be used for many applications for both residential or commercial properties.

Perfect Lawn 82 Turf

Perfect Lawn 82

PerfectLawn 82 is the first and highest face weight turf of our new PerfectLawn™ series of mat-resistant turf. Innovative design, construction and blade shapes give this turf unprecedented resiliency among landscape turfs. For the benefits of synthetic turf and look of natural grass in high traffic areas where you still want the blades to stand up, choose PerfectLawn 82!

PetGrass® Turf


PetGrass® is designed specifically with your best friend in mind. PetGrass® has both its yarn and backing infused with LIFE® Materials anti-microbial additives that kill bacteria to create a healthier and more sanitary environment while minimizing odor. The two-tone blades combined with a tan and green thatch layer helps create a very natural or professional look for this turf. The backing is designed with five times the drainage holes as other turfs. Combined with the anti-microbial additives, this turf provides maximum drainage, odor and bacteria control, all while maintaining its durability.

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